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Should artwork be bound to canvas alone?
When viewing a REMLING on metal, you figure out that answer very quickly. Remling's work is an innovated movement at its fullest potential.

Remling, a self-taught artist, gained inspiration from his grandfather who was a respected graphic and commercial artist in his day!
“Remling Art”
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“Remling Art”
Remling Art & Interior Design
Mark Remling deemed the "Living Metal Master" by his peers and collectors alike, has taken the medium of metal to new heights never before realized. When Remling came up with the idea to film "Ground Metal Paintings - with Mark Remling" in 2001, Remling had no idea that one day his metal creations would adorn the walls of some of the finest homes and estates in the world

From the very start of this project Remling was attempting to gain awareness and educate the public of what could be achieved in the mostly undiscovered medium of metal.
Today, the Remling brand has been considered the Bentley of metal artwork and continues to amaze collectors from around the globe.  Remling’s original creations have the ability to make any space in your home exciting and luxurious.
Born and raised in New York, Mark decided to make the move to Las Vegas to pursue his dreams and passion of becoming a successful artist.
Remling's talent has taken him from coast to coast and today his work is sold across the globe.
Remling a skilled painter, etcher and craftsman always sees and creates in three-dimensional terms. He merges techniques and media to create fine art that is totally innovative, unique and seems to break all the so-called rules of art.
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